Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the Wall

Our guide, Mini took us to the City Wall which was real close to to our hotel, the Howard Johnson Plaza. We made the choice to bike the entire 9 mile square. Tim and Quinn were on a tandem, Linda and I also for about 15 min, Jane, Kim and Bridjet on single bikes. These bikes look like they were about 40 years old, with 1 speed, hand brakes, a wire basket on top of rusted, rattling fender. But they worked!!.. Linda and I switched to single as her seat was about 2 feet off the ground. The streets below were filled with traffic but up above on the wall it was clear sailing.
What a site we have over the the bumpy cobblestone top, past ancient weapons of catapults, cannons and lookouts. The whole time we were watched by huge tower cranes overlooking the city of Xi'an (8 million)..Xi'an is trying to maintain the old look but skyscrapers are everywhere outside the city wall. Some of the projects are being approached with pick and shovel nd getting roads opened up is not easy. The whole time we saw new and different sites on the roof tops. It was indeed a ride of a life time shared with old friends, new friends and my wife of 39 years.

Tom Rasmussen

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