Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dumpling Buffet

After biking and touring the Wild Goose Pagoda and taking in a caligraphy Museum wer were dropped off a our restaurant Our bus driver pulled right up on to the sidewalk as people flew out of the way. The brakes squeaked, the door opened and yours truly led the charge to the buffet, first stopping at the restroom..another
Xi'an is a dry region and wheat and corn are the main crops. Dumplings are a main staple, not rice. Dumplings are made with a wheat dough, rolled out and then stuffed with fish, pork, beef, ham, mushrooms, duck and even peanuts. Ours were made in the shape of ducks and walnuts even. They are then steamed, sometimes fried and served up on a lazy Susan. Needless to say it made many stops in front of me. The dumplings wer outstanndinnggg!! and about the size of mini donuts. They kept bringing them, a total of 15 different kinds. This was preceded by the servings of duck, pork and chicken and ending by a mini-dumpling soup. I needed one of the cranes to lift me out of my seat after.

Tom & Linda Rasmussen


  1. yum, I love jiaoza! There's a place in Xi'An in the Muslim area that has been open for hundreds of years. They have lamb and mushroom jiaoza but no pork.

  2. Hey Martha... Next year...You're on!