Thursday, September 12, 2013

This past May, I went with a small group of therapists to an orphanage that was referred to us for help by Hangzhou SWI.   We are frequently moved to tears by the plight of some of the children we see in these institutions, as we were this time.  Several children just radiated their extremely dire need for some simple things.
         The one I’m writing this about is a charming little 12 year old girl who has Cerebral Palsy. Unfortunately, she has received no treatment at all in all this time.  She gets around by scooting in a small plastic child’s chair.   While she is cognitively normal, she has not received ANY schooling because of her lack of mobility. She clearly wants to learn as she practices Chinese characters all day in a little paper book.  
         She desperately needs a gait trainer, a device that will allow her to learn to walk. Our therapist is sure that this little girl will be able to walk with one. A gait trainer costs $2700. We want to buy one to deliver on the medical trip this October, and train the staff on its use with this child. Then we will strongly encourage them to put her in school.  Just think of how her life will change! Right now she has only her plastic chair to scoot with, and no schooling. She basically does nothing new all day, every day.  Our hope is that when the staff learns how to use the gait trainer, they will be able to help other children with the same condition.
         We really hope you will help.  You may donate on our web site,, or by check sent to Red Thread Charities, 6632 West Shore Drive, Edina, MN 55345.
         Thank you so very much for helping this child!