Saturday, June 19, 2010

Journey of Hope

I wanted to let everyone know about a new program of CCAA called the Journey of Hope. Through this program, the CCAA allows an orphanage & adoption agency to work together closely to place special needs children. Recently CHSFS & Hangzhou got approval to work together. Through this program, social workers from CHSFS went to Hangzhou where they put on a program for the children and interviewed & filmed many kids. They now have information on about 35 children, although a few have already been matched. For more information go to:

This is a really cool program in that it allows the adoption agency access to a lot more information than is normal. And in this case, it is really nice in that Red Thread Charities began working with Hangzhou this past year also so our medical team (doctors, nurses, PT's, OT's) saw many of the children in October. With CHSFS & RTC both in the Twin Cities, it has allowed for a lot of sharing of informaiton.

You can check out the website or call Kelly DeRosier at CHSFS. She is a social worker, working with the Waiting International Children program with China. I do not know her direct number offhand but you can reach her through their general number - 651.646.6393.

I hope some of you that may be considering adding to your family will give Kelly a call. There are so many amazing, adorable kids waiting! In the case of special needs, they can work with families from all over the country.