Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tips to Avoid Jet Lag

Hi Gang: It's getting closer to China time!!! 2 more months and we're on our way!!! I know there are a lot of parents waiting to travel to China to receive their children so I thought I would post a few tips on how our volunteer team plans to reduce jet lag.


The day before the flight:
1. Drink plenty of fluids, not alcohol as it tends to dehydrate. Some people swear by Melatonin, an OTC hormone medication that helps with the body's circadian rhythm. (Taken preflight to post flight.) Bridget...2 time volunteer recommends Melatonin!
2. Eat a nutritious dinner with fresh greens from the garden and avoid fast food as everything you will eat on the airplane for the next 16 hours is like fast food.
3. Pack your bags and get everything ready to go and THEN do your regular exercise routine or take a brisk walk or bike ride the evening before the flight. The exercise will help combat preflight jitters and help you get a good night's sleep.

During the flight:
1. Set your watch to China time and try to psyche yourself into that time zone.
2. Bring a neck pillow and wear comfy clothes.
3. Walk as much as you can to avoid blood clots and constipation. Make frequent trips to the restroom to wash hands and face as it helps to increase circulation. (bring a toothbrush with you on the plane.)
4. Sleep and watch the fun movies. Bring a great book to get lost in. (Bonus tip: I just read Plainsong by Kent Haruf and couldn't put it down.) Handheld video games like Nintendo DS for the kids. (Quin will bring hers and trade around games.)
5. Drink water! (Note to self...Enjoy the inflight wine and cocktails moderately. :-)
6. Embrace the airplane food as best you can. Keep in mind you will experience the most delicious food you ever tasted the entire time we're in China!

Arriving at the hotel:
1. Take a shower as soon as possible to freshen up and get your muscles and circulation going. If you must nap, make it brief so you can stay up until a reasonable local bedtime.
2. Get outside and into the fresh air and sunshine and walk around.
3. Talk one of the PTs or OTs into giving you a neck massage or a cranial sacral treatment. Bribe them with chocolate.

See you all soon!!! Jane