Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Therapy and Education for the Kids

Today we received some wonderful photos from China! The children are in their classrooms receiving special education and therapy! They look so happy it brings tears to my eyes. Notice that some of the children are in special standing chairs while being taught their lessons. Children with cerebral palsy have varying degrees of mobility issues depending on each individual. Many people with CP have normal cognition. They are simply trapped in their bodies. One of the photos shows a little guy receiving PT while playing with toys. That's what it's all about. Children are more receptive when they are having fun and engaged. I notice 2 children are playing in the bean tub. Have you ever put your hands in a pile of dry beans? It's a calming technique and it feels very soothing. These kids are obviously enjoying their occupational therapy session. Thank you to the dedicated orphanage nannies.