Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Finally we have internet!!!

We traveled by bus to Hangzhou CWI a couple of days ago and boy have we been busy!  Officials from CCAA, China Center for Adoption Affairs, and orphanage directors from throughout China were at the orphanage and we were asked to give our lectures during that time.  We were thrilled to be able to have an audience with people so instrumental in making policies regarding adoption.  Susan Jacobson from the U of MN adoption clinic gave her talk on what information should go in a child's referral, I gave mine on the importance of gracefully transitioning children from foster care to adoptive families. Nancy and Kiki gave their talk on PT and OT.  It was very well received and the questions from the audience were very thoughtful.  During my talk, I felt it was important to give a voice to recent adoptive families.  When I showed pictures of Hong Jie, Ke Xin and Shu Yi  (Parents...you know who you are...), 4 nannies sitting off to the side had tears streaming down their faces while they pointed at the screen.  It sure made my day.  Jane


  1. That makes me cry to, Jane! It is so encouraging to know that these nannies DO love our children and that they DO miss them. What angels! I do hope you told the CCAA to hurry up with our LOA! I am sure they will be right on that! LOL So happy to hear that all is going well. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip! Have fun and GOD bless!

  2. Oh good!
    Nancy said I should check on the RTC site for pics and updates. This is great!!!
    Thanks for the daily updates!
    Craig Shirley

  3. The blog made me cry as well. I know my Mei Mei was well taken care of in Hangzhou. We could tell because our adoption went so well. She is such a happy child. I can't imagine having any other child. We adopted on June 22nd of this year. Maybe one day we can make the trip wuth you all.
    Take care and we look forward to updates.
    Kathy, Tom and Mei Mei