Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Generous Donation

While preparing for our volunteer trip back here in Wisconsin,  I was surprised by a very generous donation from a waiting family!  The instructions from the family was to “use this donation in any way that the orphanage might need”.  Whew!  That was a hard one!  I presented it to our RTC board.  I always referred to it as our “Happy Dilemma.”   We thought and thought…. What would be fair?  Who should make this decision?  We finally decided that we would present it to the orphanage director and ask her opinion.  We told her of our “Happy Dilemma”. She talked rapidly with the other staff members and came up with a solution!  It took all of about 15 seconds!!!  Our team had recommended further evaluation on a child with hearing impairment.  They will be using the funds to get further testing and procure hearing aids for a little boy who happens to be in the same preschool group as the child with the donating parents!  I talked to the donating mom who was delighted that the funds be used to help a child! Some day a little girl will know that her friend in China was helped by her own parents. What a special bond!  If any of you might feel creative about a donation, our group makes sure it goes to the kids.  Our generous volunteers pay their way to China and the trip is so rewarding they usually return a second or third time.  Still it is expensive…  If there are any pediatric PTs, OTs, child pychologists,  pediatricians with a lot of CP knowledge… Special Ed teachers…. Speech therapists with cleft experience.  We have another trip planned for October 2011.  Please consider a very rewarding trip.  What else could be more important?  The children need you.  

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