Wednesday, October 13, 2010

China and Chile

Hi All.  I just want to say how happy we all are that the trapped miners in Chile are now being rescued.  We are in our hotel in Xian watching the breaking news on CNN and waiting to go outside and see the sights.  I'm so happy to be getting messages from parents adopting children from Hangzhou CWI.  Our team is thrilled to be seeing and evaluating the kids in a few days.  So many kids are already familiar to us as we were priviledged to examine and give suggestions a year ago.  A few parents have already brought their children home!  I recently received an email from a mom who said,  "I am so happy I accepted the referral on this little girl.  She has enriched all of our lives tremendously. She loves to be kissed and give kisses too."  Isn't that a wonderful email to get. 



  1. Jane,
    So happy that you are enjoying your time in China! Oh how I wish I was going to Hangzhou to! I can't wait to see pics of my sweet boy! I am so thankful for you and your team for all that you are doing for these precious children!
    Have a blessed day!
    Shao Ren He's momma,

  2. Hi,
    We adopted a little girl from Hangzhou in June of this year. Her name was Shao Mei Mei and her date of birth is 25-Apr-2008. She was well prepared for the adoption. She bonded with us quickly and she is very happy. She was the orphanage for the trip in Oct. 2009 and then went to foster home. If you can,please pass on that she is doing well.
    Safe travels,
    Kathy, Tom and Mei Mei

  3. Have a safe trip! Can't wait to see photos of our daughter Wang Hao Yun (Ella). Please let everyone know that we are just waiting for TA!