Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ancient Lifestyles

We had a tour through the Hutong district via rickshaw on Tuesday. It took us thru the alleys of households that date back to the Ming Dynasty. This was a chance to see the ancient lifestyle that still exists, despite the Olympic building program that demolished many of the buildings to make way for the high -rises. Later we had lunch with a family. A fantastic meal set on a lazy Susan. Needless to say it made many stops in front of me.
Tian'men Square is the largest public square in world. The square was filled with people and guards scattered through out the area. The size of the area is staggering and the huge screen was the one seen during the Olympics.

Forbidden CIty is across the from the square. Once again it is massive. Commoners were forbidden to enter and were punished by death if they entered. It was home to many on Ming and Qing dynasty emperors till the end of the Ming Dynasty in 1911. A day here might not be enough to see all the courtyards and art collections.
Tom Rasmussen

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