Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hello from Quin

 Hi.  I'm Quin and I'm one of the kid volunteers.  Our team has been really busy for the past 5 days examining kids in the orphanage and helping the teachers and nannies learn therapy techniques.  Here I am in one of the therapy rooms playing with a little girl who has Down syndrome.  Children who are born with Down syndrome can really be helped with therapy and they are really fun!  I am helping this little girl learn how to share toys.  She gets to hear music for 15 minutes which helps her brain become more organized.  In the second picture she has on earphones tied with a red scarf.  At first she didn't like it but when she heard the music it helped her concentrate better.  The little boy in the last photo has a hard time using his muscles.  The big therapy ball helps him have fun and stretch while reaching for toys.  The kids really like therapy. This orphanage has almost 400 children.  Some of the kids will be adopted by parents in the United States and Europe.  It's nice for kids to be able to have fun while they get their therapy. 

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