Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We have two volunteers who share the same birthday. I won't reveal their ages but they are exactly 30 years apart. Happy Birthday to Tim and Bridget! A warm wishes party was planned by the staff at Hangzhou complete with a huge cake. Bridget received a jade bracelet as a gift and Tim received a really cute plastic beaded mouse.

Lunch here at the Hangzhou CWI today was water squash soup and along with eel with garlic and ginger. A little boney but really quite delicious! The therapy screenings went very well.
If RFAH is looking for their spare oximeter, it's here in China. (Thank you to our respiratory therapist Brandon!) We are seeing a fair number of kids with cardiac conditions. Some of the children have had their ASD and VSD and Tetrology of Fallot successfully repaired right here in Hangzhou. If I could give a shout out to any parent wishing to adopt a child with special needs, these kids are really healthy!!

Jack got to help in the childrens area and was a big help disinfecting the toys! Thanks Jack!!!

link to RTC 2009 photo album


  1. Happy birthday Tim!!!

    I see that you can still get the blow-torch birthday candles.



  2. Hard to imagine a better birthday, Tim. Lucia

  3. What you all are doing for the kids is awesome! So glad the trip is going well. It was about one year ago that you sent us photos of our Lily in Hangzhou right before we traveled to bring her home. We wish you all the best!