Saturday, October 17, 2009


The beauty of the children in Chinese orphanages never ceases to amaze me and yesterday was no exception. Our volunteer group examined and screened a great number of children living in foster families in the Hangzhou countryside. We were happy to see that most foster families only had one child and some had two. Here is a story that I thought was sweet. I examined an adorable baby boy and was told he had a twin brother who I would be examining next. One was found and came to the orphanage one day and a few days later the twin was found and brought in. Both are happily living in foster care. I asked the staff how they knew they were twins and they looked at each other, laughing, and said, "Because they look exactly alike!" Genetic studies aside...I guess some things can just be done the old fashioned way.

Our group had a very full day of exams. The non medical staff is becoming quite educated in OT and PT.

Every morning we are to report to the lobby for a temperature check. Even though all our children are healthy and afebrile, Grace was the only child volunteer that was allowed into the exam rooms due to the orphanage director's anxiety over the H1 N1 flu. Hopefully the rest of the children will be able to experience interacting with the babies but for now they are happily playing together on the orphanage playground. Yesterday they all made thank you cards to present to the staff. I'm not worried about them as they are certainly getting a very unique Chinese experience but we are so glad that Grace, our oldest child volunteer, is getting a great education as well! Jane

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