Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This morning I give my presentation on Down syndrome. I'm so excited about it that yesterday I gave much of the information to my nurse helper. She was surprised to learn that families in America adopt children with Down syndrome and can't imagine their life without that child. I have so many photos and kind messages that families have sent me to share!! I think this little baby is so cute.

My talk on children with Down syndrome was very well received, especially when I showed photos that parents sent of their children with Down syndrome. Here is my audience crowding around the computer delighted with the images. I'm just so happy. Jane

After we finish the medical exams it's so nice to walk into the therapy rooms and see how much fun the kids are having while they are getting their therapy screenings. Here are a few photos.

Last night we had an "official dinner" which means we had dinner with the official leaders of the city. The vice director of Hangzhou toasted the children and was clearly delighted when Zoe Parish was able to speak mandarin to him. The children are all able to consume enough with chopsticks to keep them well nourished. They were quite intrigued with the boiled chicken with it's head still on the plate. I asked Quin if anyone ate the chicken and she said. "We made Jack take the head but he only played with it."

link to RTC 2009 photo album


  1. What a blessing to know that the children at my daughter's orphanage have been seen by your team. I pray that you saw my little girl! I would love to communicate via email to see if you met her!

  2. LOOOOVE the blog. Once again, you all are doing such great work! I had forgotten until today about the photo album. In case some of you readers are like me, just scroll down to the bottom and click on photo album. You'll see some terrific photos from the trip. And if you all knew about the photos all along, feel free to laugh at me!!