Saturday, October 3, 2009

Okay all you volunteers...we are leaving for China in a week! Eat right, get plenty of sleep and stay healthy! Kids, bring books and games for the plane. Wear really comfortable stretchy clothes for the flight. Don't forget a neck pillow. And remember...this ain't no Yangtze River Cruise! It's way better!


  1. Yikes. Is Quin going to wake us all up at 0500 each morning by banging pans over our beds?

  2. No way! She's a night owl not an early bird. But maybe with the time difference, she'll be the opposite! I took this photo at the State Fair. Chandler and Vivian have one with them and the marine too.

  3. Tim/Jane & Quinn:

    Tremendous photos and info..Really enjoy reading it. Our photos would include snow and fallen leaves. Warmer weather predicted for the wkend. Safely back from my Montana antelope hunt. No blog on that nor cell phone coverage. Take care, travel safe and looking forward to more info..Tom & Linda Ras