Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Please take good care of your kids

Today we traveled by bus to Tiger Leaping Gorge in the foot of the Himalayas. Really, I for one, would say it might be the most beautiful place on earth. Our group of 4 children had fun playing in the back of the bus on the way. We stopped briefly for a photo op overlooking the mountain. For the sake of tourism, there were monkeys in cages and the children were quite intrigued with them. Jack picked up some sunflower seeds and was able to let the monkey take it from him. Paige...the beautiful little red-haired girl, bent down to pick up a seed under the cage to do the same. (All of China is quite infatuated with Paige's red hair.) Apparently the monkey was too. Curious George put his little hand through the cage and grabbed Paige's hair firmly and would not let go! Our guide,Norman was able to extract the monkey's hand from the red locks but it left one little girl feeling quite traumatized for about 15 minutes.


  1. Jane - thanks for doing this blog! It is fun for me to see what Harley and Ellen are doing each day. Give them both a hug for me, Laura and Spencer. Karen

  2. Jane:

    Oh wow, wish I could be there. Just dropped Kathy and Jin Jin off at the airport. Mei Mei and I are kind of regretting our decision not to go this year.

    Can't wait to hear about the work and Hangzhou.

    Keep the photos and stories coming!

    Hi to everyone . . .


  3. That is disturbing, did the Ashenfelter girls happen to see it? If so, I'm sure I'll be hearing more...
    Take care and I look forward to hearing more and seeing pictures.

    Amy Chapman (aka Auntie Amy)