Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Fine Arts are Alive and Well in Chinese Orphanages

As we have said before…we have finished our commitment with one orphanage and have started work at an orphanage a couple hours away.   But it’s really hard to leave our good friends at HZ. They have requested that we keep coming back if only for a day or so to check in and see some kids.   Well, how can we resist?  We love staying at the orphanage dorms and waking up to the familiar sounds.  We love that they always have several adorable kids lined up waiting to be ‘interviewed’ by us.  The privilege of being greeted by the most charming children imaginable is irresistible.  Children that wish to be adopted and would fit in so well in families here in the US..  And they are artists!  Their creativity has been developed in amazing ways. 

The kids sing and dance in solos, duets and groups.. They confidently recite Chinese poetry… and they draw…Wow, do they draw!  One child we saw drew what he explained as a children’s outing, complete with the bus, the traffic jam, the lines of children with two adults and the happy tree that wore a smile because the children did not pick the origami flowers, which he carefully glued onto the tree.  Other children drew happy houses and suns in the sky. 

Another child drew a scary monster!  Lot’s of kids love to draw people... and umbrellas!  A little boy with Down syndrome quickly traced his hand so he could run to the front of the class and have me photograph him.  So cute!  The fine arts are a huge part of the Chinese culture and one that we hope adoptive parents will continue to embrace and encourage. We are so happy that the staff became inspired after visiting centers in the US in 2011 that they have fully embraced the concept of inclusion!  Children who were previously left behind are now being included in the classrooms and the arts programs.  And the staff have realized that the children accept each and every one unconditionally.  Well of course they do.  That is a pretty cool concept.  I’m so glad we are all on the same page. 

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