Friday, October 26, 2012

Really not a bad flight at all.  All the volunteers reported a surprisingly good night's sleep after a nice low keyed dinner at a local noodle shop within a short walk from the orphanage. We awaken again to all the familiar sights and sounds that we have experienced over the years...the birds singing, the staff arriving via motor scooter, the clatter of the pre-dawn wagon full of steaming formula and rice congee pulled by ladies in blue smocks. The babies from the next building over from us are just starting to make it known that it is time to get up.  There is a quiet, intermittent fussiness as one by one each child's morning needs are being met. A nice way to wake up...sort of like waves on the ocean.  It happens each day and every day, 365 days a year whether we are here or in the twin cities.  It's a safe comforting routine. 

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