Thursday, October 20, 2011


Well, yesterday was an amazing experience for our school age kids, Quin, Samantha, Eloise, Paige and Jack. They got to make homemade dumplings with kids who live at the orphanage. Seriously! This was as cute as it gets! It amazes me that some of these children from the orphanage still are not matched. They are typical kids with a variety of special needs. But today they got to work as a team to chop vegetables, mix up the pork, roll out dough, use chopsticks to add the filling and make pretty symmetrical little dumplings! But kids will be kids and a it did not end without digressing into a fun and naughty food fight. Everyone had a blast!


  1. How wonderful! What a special experience for all children involved... They must have tasted good, those dumplings!

  2. t was so fun, Karen... and I must admit it was an orphanage staff member who initiated the food fight. A few of us actually got the recipe. We should start a food blog. :-) What a wonderful activity for the kids. This is why the kids are so well adjusted when they are adopted. They live life as typical kids and are having so much fun!

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