Friday, February 11, 2011

Brief history of Ping Pong

According to historic accounts, Chairman Mao loved Table Tennis, commonly known as Ping Pong.  He ordered cement ping pong tables to be built in parks all across China.  As a result, the Chinese people became very proficient!  The sport hit a zenith in 1971, when China invited Japan to a Ping Pong tounament and opened their doors to a group of Americans. They were the first group of Americans to be allowed into mainland China since the communist takeover in 1949.  Today, nearly every school in China has a ping pong table for the kids to practice on during recess. While traveling with another group of Americans...(RTC)... Kiki Dickinson snapped this photo at a school we visited in Beijing.  Oh, by the way...these kids were good...really good.  I sincerely hope you can join us on March 5th!  (See previous post)

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  1. I think the sport is not just a lot of fun, it's also good for your brain development. :)