Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Scarves to Red Guards

Sunday's event 
Well, Danling did it again! Her talk on Sunday about growing up in China during the Cultural Revolution held an audience of over 100 people spellbound!  I think about Danling's life as a teenager, forced away from her parents and school to work in the fields for long hours every day while being "re educated". I think about what her parents went through, forced away from their school aged sons who were left to fend for they worried to the point of desperation.  Who could live through torture like this?  Amazingly, Danling and her family did live through this.  Her parents and brothers are alive and well in Beijing.  Danling has gone on to help countless people, myself included, adopt children from China.  She founded Red Thread Charities which has helped so many children live more fulfilled lives in orphanges in China.  Thank you to all who donate to our cause!  And thank you Danling, for everything you do!          
Danling and her mother.  Oct 2010

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