Monday, November 9, 2009

Therapy Balls

I am so thankful for our volunteers who pay their way to China and give their time and expertise to help the children.

If I could name one tool that is universal to our therapists it would be the big giant therapy ball. On every RTC trip PTs and OTs screen the children and demonstrate techniques to nannies and foster parents using the ever present therapy balls. RTC has donated many to orphanages and foster families. Therapy balls are used to connect with the child in a playful way to gain trust while assessing the child’s postural stability and core strength. Therapy toys/ tools are used to evaluate how a child perceives sensation. Are they fearful? More engaged? Do they seek or avoid? How does this impact their primary ‘occupation’ of PLAY and their interactions with others. OTs and PTs assess strengths and weaknesses in regard to the child’s gross motor and fine motor skills by using these tools. Watching a demonstration at Special Childrens’ Center in Hudson WI, I noticed a speech therapist bouncing a child on a ball while helping the child speak. She told me that this technique helps a child, who would normally be running around the room, organize his brain so he can concentrate on what the therapist is teaching. If any of you reading this blog are interested in a career in pediatric therapy, I think it is a very noble occupation. If any of you might wish to contribute financially to RTC you can visit our website and consider donation. Our reps in China will be distributing therapy balls to the foster families this week. Your donation helps us get these therapy balls to families who now have been trained to use them!

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  1. Such a simple thing...therapy make such a big difference. Wonderfully written and inspiring. Now, let me go figure out how to make that contribution...